Vattanac Smart EcoCity

Vattanac Smart EcoCity (VSEC) fuses the cosmopolitan aspects of Cambodian urban life with the luxury of breathing room found in suburban living, simultaneously emphasizing rural connections to wildlife and nature.

Located 20 minutes east of Phnom Penh, VSEC is comprised of a collection of unique villages unified by a common set of design principles. Each village offers its own identity, created to correspond to the variety of resident lifestyles. The villages are connected through tree-lined boulevards and a network of parks with multiple vibrant ecosystems present in meadows, forests, and wetlands. This close proximity to nature enhances the health and wellness of residents while connecting them to indigenous plants and wildlife. A network of ‘green fingers’ assists in naturally filtering water and recharging the land and aquifers. The ‘green fingers’ are vital to the expansive, 36-hole golf course at the City’s center.

Compared to the suburban style of the villages, the heart of VSEC is a dense commercial and cultural district. Residents have convenient pedestrian access through natural parkways to transit, leisure amenities, and schools. VSEC creates a truly unique and modern Cambodian lifestyle experience by integrating and transforming the best of local and global standards. The EcoCity features storm water management, solar radiation blocks, and wind path utilization systems. The walkability of the area amplifies these sustainable features.


金边 柬埔寨




市政 + 文化, 酒店, 住宅, 商业


3,449,556 m2 / 37,130,712 ft2

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Project Type:总体规划
Project Location:亚洲