Utah City

Block 4

Utah City is a ground-up development dedicated to fostering a pedestrian-focused neighborhood, offering proximity to world-class resorts while establishing itself as a walkable and lively community.

One of multiple phases of Utah City’s plan, Block 4 enhances the guiding principles of the development with a focus on mixed-use programming and walkability. The plan is bordered to the west by Utah Lake and celebrates the surrounding nature in its design, integrating parks and plazas throughout. Block 4 occupies a central location in the southern portion of the plan, facing the main pedestrian promenade to the north and existing single-family homes to the south.  In addition to a focus on walkability, users have access to the newly constructed Vineyard Station frontrunner and Bay A bus station, as well as vehicular infrastructure.

Block 4’s layout is comprised of four parcels, with three buildings, a parking lot, and a central plaza with integrated pathways and green space. The variety of uses in each building contributes to the activity, diverse tenant makeup, and business offerings of Utah City. The first parcel slated for development on the block includes a 40,000 square foot grocer, disguised with townhomes and boutique retail around its perimeter to activate all four sides of the building. The parcel also includes amenity space for the community.  The other parcels on the block include a 23-story residential building with an expansive mixed-use parking podium, followed by a 12-story office building above a retail podium.

Currently designed as a temporary surface lot with over 200 parking spaces, the final parcel in the plan is designated as a future residential development site that will aid in Utah City’s growth, with the potential to add a multi-story parking structure.


Vineyard, UT, USA


Woodbury Corporation, Flagship Companies Inc.


综合体, 办公, 总体规划, 住宅, 商业


114,000 m2 / 1,225,000 ft2

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Project Type:总体规划
Project Location:美洲