Terminal E Extension

Our competition design for the Terminal E extension of Logan International Airport fully identifies its role within Boston—a city of global influence with an intimacy of scale—and as a gateway to the rest of the world. The modernization channels the past history, present innovation, and future sustainability of its location to wholly reimagine the airport experience.

The warmth and openness of the design reflect the city’s cultural history, specifically the importance of its harbor. Vertical and horizontal beams made of glulam wood echo the strength, solidity, and craftsmanship of historic naval ships. With their organic materiality, the curved, vertical ribs form graceful arcs that welcome nature to the interior. Floor-to-ceiling glass introduces natural lighting and frames a spectacular view of downtown Boston, relating the contextual design to the waterfront skyline.

The project’s dedication to efficient planning and innovative technologies improves passenger experience while maintaining access to the existing terminal at the departure, arrival, and transfer levels. The unique “hull” shape, curving roof, and glass entry wall create an intuitive flow that leads passengers seamlessly from check-in and sloping down to the central retail avenue and gates. The layout of the main concourse minimizes walking distances and maximizes use of retail and concession at prime locations. Elevated walkways overlook the gates and lead to a two-story baggage claim, pushing the circulation corridors toward the façade and away from the waiting areas. A central green space and elongated skylight connect multiple airline lounges, further emphasizing the positive practice of waiting and relaxing within the terminal. 

Environmental measures, such as daylight optimization and resiliency planning, address local climate conditions and anticipate long-term sustainability. While the large-paneled glazing prioritizes natural light, the draped roof’s horizontal overhang protects from the high summer sun and shelters the entryway from adverse weather. External vegetation collects and infiltrates rainwater while contributing pleasant green space. The high-performance building envelope is outfitted with features that would meet or exceed certain energy efficiency requirements, overall securing the terminal’s commitment to a sustainable future.




52,025 m2 / 560,000 ft2

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Project Type:交通
Project Location:美洲