SQ1 West

Rosemary Square

Expanding the Rosemary Square complex, SQ1 West provides West Palm Beach with an elevated office space designed to tie into the history of the district and the landscape of the tropical state.

Located at the center of a mixed-use destination in coastal Florida, SQ1 West neighbors Rosemary Square, the Harriet Himmel Theater, various office towers, and an upcoming residential development. SQ1 West is among the taller towers in the development but doesn’t rise above the tallest structure, allowing the project to blend into the greater neighborhood while providing tenants with unobstructed views to the south.

The massing breaks down the typical rectangular shape of the tower and splits it into two interlocking forms. This opens up the southwest corner and adds a terrace at the upper levels. The corners are softened to ensure fluid circulation for pedestrians, and in particular, the intersection-facing corner is recessed to maintain visibility towards the Harriet Himmel Theater. A podium is defined at the street wall height, making the building more approachable from the street level. Additional terraces are defined throughout, resulting in a stepping effect that gives the building a more human scale.

The base of the project takes inspiration from the neighboring arcade designs to inform its storefronts. Two retail segments occupy the ground floor of the project, with one at the north and the other at the south end, with the office lobby set between. The entrance to the southern storefront is set back from the main structure, allowing covered pathways for pedestrians. The remainder of the building is dedicated to office space, spanning almost 400,000 square feet.


West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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37,000 m2 / 400,000 ft2

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