Royal Jet Executive Terminal


The concept design for the Royal Jet Terminal provides maximum comfort, convenience, and privacy to VIP clientele while ensuring ideal traveling conditions within Abu Dhabi’s climate.

Looking beyond the conventions of airport design, KPF drew from local architectural traditions and culture to create a truly luxurious and private experience for VIP clientele, their families, and guests. Upon their arrival but before entering the terminal, travelers pass through a security checkpoint surrounded by lush greenery and a unique water feature. After clearing security, passengers are able to drive through the central motor court directly to their majli, or private departure villa.

The facility’s design and planning diagrams also address building needs for the extreme climatic conditions of the Middle East. A decentralized floorplan with majlis adjacent to each gate eliminate passengers’ exposure to extreme temperatures. Evaporative cooling towers at the court and at each majli allow passengers to move from their vehicles to the guest facilities in a shaded and naturally tempered environment.

Additional required facilities, such as a hangar and new headquarters, were developed with equal attention to detail as the terminal. The hangar’s profile and cladding aim to reduce heat gains while ensuring the efficient use of natural daylight whenever possible. Offices are appropriately located between the hangar and the terminal. A combination of pergolas and roof gardens shade the car park.


阿布扎比 阿拉伯联合酋长国






3,500 m2 / 37,675 ft2

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Project Type:交通
Project Location:中东+非洲