Pyeongchang Center

An interconnected complex of buildings nestled into the hillside, the Pyeongchang Center houses every step of product development from ideation to production to demonstration.

Fusing art and nature with retail and residential, the Center is both an imaginative, mixed-use commune and cultural attraction located in the center of the political, commercial, and cultural district in Pyeongchang. Comprising small-scale buildings that fit in with the low-level fabric of the neighborhood, the development includes a landmark gallery, multipurpose hall, workshop, supermarket, themed F&B, an outdoor street mall and residences, as well as outdoor resting areas that link the complex together.

Perched on the hillside, the Center is positioned to maximize feng shui with a mountain backdrop and views of the water. Blending with its natural surroundings, the complex incorporates such features as a nature walk, outdoor space, and a garden wall that showcases native flora while emulating the hillside location.

With the architecture and interiors developed under the concept of full-cycle lifestyle culture, the Center establishes a new paradigm for mixed-use development, with a program that extends beyond that of typical shopping and entertainment venues to one that celebrates the synergies of creating, producing, communing, and living.


首尔 韩国


市政 + 文化, 办公, 总体规划, 住宅, 商业


10,070 m2 / 108,392 ft2

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Project Type:综合体
Project Location:亚洲