Port City Takeshiba

Situated on a unique site between Tokyo Bay and the urban core, Tokyo Port City Takeshiba integrates nature with Class-A office space and public amenities to create a hub for commercial and retail activity.

Creating a distinct silhouette on the skyline, Takeshiba regenerates and transforms its neighbourhood. conceived as a waterfront city. The project is positioned in the Minato district at the edge of Tokyo, where urban fabric and natural surroundings converge. This harmonious balance of natural and built environments is imbued within the building’s design.

Two historic gardens, Hamarikyu and Shibarikyu, inspired the project’s elegant façade design, which uses streamlined material elements to embrace the concepts of harmony and simplicity. The stone and bronze of the podium ground the design in its surroundings, while stainless steel and glass create lightness and contrast, lending a sophisticated result that reflects the natural surroundings and maintains functionality.

Ushering in the public realm, the tower sits atop an ocean-facing stepped plinth, where warm-toned walkways are juxtaposed strikingly with generous greenery. Within the podium, a triple height atrium links all three floors of retail, creating a dynamic flow that naturally draws visitors inside as well as upwards onto the stepping waterfront terraces. The sky lobby offers floor-to-ceiling views of the bay, serving as a transitional space to the office floorplates above. An extensive water feature reflects natural light into the sky lobby, playing off of the space’s cooler color palette anchored by solid dark stone volumes.


Tokyo, Japan


Kajima Corporation


综合体, 办公, 公共空间, 商业


180,000 m2 / 1,937,000 ft2

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Project Type:公共空间
Project Location:亚洲