Parkside Uptown

Centrally located between Uptown Dallas, the Arts District, and Victory Park, Parkside Uptown is a unique mixed-use project, thoughtfully designed with the sprawling city’s needs at the forefront and green spaces as a focal point.

The project is the first part of a KPF-planned two-phase scheme, populating the northern portion of the site with consideration for future additions. The central goal for Parkside Uptown’s design is to humanize the office building typology, creating an amenity-filled podium to engage the streetscape, with workspaces located above. Retail stores at the ground level are accompanied by parking above and below to accommodate the car-heavy city. Additional amenities include a sky lobby and tenant-only fitness facilities.

Straying from the central core model of typical office buildings, the project’s core is side-loaded, allowing for open floor plans and light into the interiors from all three sides. Three staggered volumes provide a range in floorplates for tenants, ranging from average to exceptionally deep.

Extending on the neighboring Klyde Warren Park, extensive landscaped balconies and terraces carry nature vertically through the tower, furthered by a planted façade that scales the podium. The project encourages an inside/outside juxtaposition, breaking down the glass envelope through these open-air, landscaped spaces. Daylighting the primary staircase encourages users to utilize the feature, promoting activity among the tenants.

Wrapped in a gridded façade, the pattern differentiates the project from other glass towers and blurs the line between hospitality and commercial. The two-story block segments play with scale and alignment, emphasizing the project’s staggered form.


Dallas, TX, USA


KDC Real Estate Development & Investments


酒店, 综合体, 办公, 商业, 办公, 商业, 综合体, 酒店


48,800 m2 / 525,000 ft2

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Project Type:综合体
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