Parcel A-2

Designed to usher in the next generation of Boston’s Seaport, Parcel A-2 recognizes the “maker” economy, synthesizing arts, technology, and community.

The focal point of the two towers’ organic forms is an indoor/outdoor hub, with a sculptural, sweeping ramp and grand stairway creating a dramatic entrance as well as a dynamic park space for both casual socializing and impromptu encounters. Beyond the fully glazed curtain of the developments podium is a double height atrium that serves as the building’s living room, with the organic motif brought in through cascading, arched wood cladding, gradually shifting from wall to ceiling, and enclosing the open oculus to the Class-A Office space and grand skylight above.

The design divides the program between the towers, with the taller of the two providing expansive office floors and workplace amenity, and the smaller focusing on live/work artist studios and efficient workforce housing. A 24/7 grand hall, makerspace, and multi-purpose living room, as well as below grade parking, round out the base of the development and create a modern mixed-use development at a scale more in tune with the various target user groups, from young professionals and executives to collaborative artists and creative city-dwellers. Both towers are topped with rainwater harvesting green roofs, which function as both rooftop parks and terraces as well as being major sustainability features.


Boston, MA, USA




酒店, 综合体, 办公, 住宅, 商业


67,066 m2 / 721,900 ft2


225 Residences

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Project Type:酒店
Project Location:美洲