Located in Lyon La Part-Dieu, the first business district in Southeastern France, M LYON represents a new generation of French development, responding to a wide variety of uses, offering retail, office, and residential space.

The strength of M LYON is how it enables each category of users to benefit from the level of excellence, comfort, organization in the project, along with the access to services. Designed to be sober in its energy needs, the building is positioned beyond regulatory expectations for environmental performance, integrating the latest technological innovations. Designed by KPF, with the support of local architect Soho Atlas, the project reinterprets the strong architectural and historical signature of the Part-Dieu District while acquiring contemporary markers to achieve “smart building” status. The concept of a large central atrium not only allows office occupants to benefit from optimum natural light, it also gives the project a sense of unity despite the large dimensions of the building.

The M LYON envelope meets the most recent requirements regarding environmental certifications and the quality of workspace. In particular, office facades provide a minimum of 30% comfort opening. At the upper levels of the tower, the L-shaped residential block is surrounded by balconies. These terraces feature controlled vegetation beds, and users are able to overlook the green roof that is accessible from the amenities level.


里昂 法国


DCB Capital


SOHO Atlas In Fine (记录建筑师)


综合体, 办公, 住宅, 商业


30,000 m2 / 323,000 ft2

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Project Type:综合体
Project Location:欧洲