Lorenzini 8, 10 and 12

A highly-sustainable, integrated campus of flexible office buildings, that creates a workplace community and provides a prototype for the future development of the neighbourhood.

Lorenzini 8, 10 and 12 reference the past, but look toward the future, as Porta Romana transforms from an industrial area into a thriving mixed-use neighbourhood. Set to become the city’s third major centre for prime office space, the redevelopment has been designed to appeal to the next generation of creative industries.

The buildings are an essential part of the developing context, connecting existing spaces and creating possibilities for future urban networks. They were conceived as a family of buildings with coherent characteristics, but specific individual identities.

Lorenzini 8, the largest of the buildings, is defined by two L-shaped linear blocks, joined to create interlocking courtyards open to the East and West to aid connectivity across the district.  The blocks have been efficiently planned to achieve an optimal 1,600 sqm typical floor plate, with flexibility for multiple tenants at each level, individual tenants occupying each building or, by means of connection at the lower levels, as a single headquarters.

The third floor is for amenity space, with substantial outdoor terraces providing expansive views over the city and mountains.  Cafes and retail are proposed at the ground floor, to animate the street fronts and the design has been developed for maximum flexibility over time, allowing for these uses to expand as the district matures and evolves.

Lorenzini 10 is a renovation and upgrade of an historic building, while Lorenzini 12 is a deep retrofit or ‘manutenzione straordinaria’, a where the existing structure and core are retained and the external envelope replaced to improve internal comfort and environmental performance.


Milan, Italy




改建, 酒店, 综合体, 办公, 公共空间, 商业


30,000 m2 / 322,917 ft2

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Project Type:改建
Project Location:欧洲