Greenwich Place

The renovation and expansion of Greenwich Place features a holistic approach to sustainability, which optimizes the office building’s massing and façades to maximize energy efficiency, while introducing biophilic design elements into the workplace to prioritize wellness.

The project’s gridded façade takes inspiration from the neighboring turn-of-the-century warehouse buildings in Manhattan’s Hudson Square, while extending the street level greenery to the roof. At the podium level, a masonry wall is accented with bronze screens, while green terracotta and operable windows at the terrace level complement an extensively planted roof farm and loggia.

Enclosed terraces offer an all-year amenity, bringing fresh air and natural light deeper into floorplates and providing direct views to nature across 78% of the building’s workspaces. By creating a passive thermal buffer, these terraces also increase the performance of the building envelope, which targets LEED Gold.

Working closely with KPF’s Environmental Performance specialists, the design team analyzed existing site conditions, including solar and wind exposure, and adapted the building’s massing and materials for improved façade performance, optimized thermal comfort, and increased energy efficiency.

By taking this data-driven approach to sustainability, the design supports the mental, physical, and overall wellbeing of workers with measurable improvements that far exceed a typical Manhattan office environment.


New York, NY, USA


改建, 办公, 商业


23,225 m2 / 250,000 ft2

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Project Type:办公
Project Location:美洲