Light-Rail Transit Station

Chongqing 100

Providing direct access to public transportation within the three-tower, mixed-use Chongqing 100 development, the light-rail transit (LRT) station is artfully integrated into the project, maintaining the design’s aesthetic cohesion.

To integrate the mechanical systems and platform for two elevated LRT lines without interrupting the highly crafted architectural expression established by the rest of the development presented a unique challenge. Chongqing 100 includes the International Land-Sea Center, the city’s tallest building, as well as two additional towers and the InCity retail podium. The station entrance is located at ground level, with escalators that lead users up to the covered but open-air platform. Additionally, back of house spaces, staircases, and mechanical operating rooms are concealed within the structure. The train platform directly connects to the upper levels of the retail podium, extending user access from neighboring projects through a collection of pedestrian bridges.

To accommodate the many needs of the interior program, the station façade varies between stone, metal including silver and gray aluminum and stainless steel, and vision glass, allowing visibility and ventilation in an undulating pattern. The result is a clean but changing skin that ranges from translucent to opaque, with grills serving as a visual transition. A glass façade defines the entrance to the station, amplifying a sense of transparency, and extending the language of the larger development, where the use of glass conveys a sense of movement and lightness.


Chongqing, China


China Vanke Co., Ltd



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Project Type:交通
Project Location:亚洲