Asian Games Officials Village

A walkable, mixed-use hub designed to prosper beyond the Asian Games, Officials Village is a vibrant urban community and a new neighborhood for the city of Hangzhou.

The riverfront district is centered around a retail street and the shared human experiences of daily life. Combining commercial, residential, hotel, and office spaces, the architectural proportions of the public realm have been carefully designed for walking and comfort. Building heights and street widths modulate between residential tower-scale to the ground level human scale, easing the transition with architectural articulation and shopfront design.

The retail street offers a high quality and varied shopping experience unlike that of a traditional mall, with restaurants, cafes, and open spaces to linger and rest. Lush vegetation—including vibrant planters, roof terraces, and an abundance of trees—contributes to a series of intimate human-scaled experiences for residents and visitors alike.

The Officials Village is part of the larger complex of stadia and athlete accommodation designed for the Games. As urban planners of the Officials Village and architects for the office tower, retail street, and hotel tower, KPF’s design team was able to focus on the way the urban realm is stitched together to create a successful neighborhood.

The development for the Asian Games provides a unique opportunity for Hangzhou, with a legacy that extends far beyond the duration of the event to provide a lasting impact on the urban development of the city.


Hangzhou, China


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酒店, 综合体, 办公, 总体规划, 住宅, 商业


8,000,000 m2 / 750,000 ft2

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Project Type:酒店
Project Location:亚洲