Art Mall

Located at the heart of the Bund Fosun Center, the Art Mall comprises retail and exhibition space with natural elements integrated throughout its form.

With a façade reminiscent of the surface of flowing water, the Art Mall contrasts the supertall towers in the development with its pedestrian-scale design. At each level, the façade moves and extends in an organic manner, parting and meeting again, creating space for extensive windows and outdoor terraces in the gaps. An exhibit center with a grand skylight hosts a space for performances and art installations.

Art extends beyond the interiors of the mall with a sculpture park on the roof. Food and beverage options are also available from the rooftop garden, located besides the amphitheater. Besides the Art Mall, a large park builds on the public, green space, serving as a destination for large-scale gatherings and events.

Elevated pathways connect the Art Mall to the rest of the master plan. The varied levels of public spaces and pathways offer a sense of intimacy within the center. Sunken gardens, raised streets, and retail streets further the sense of accessibility and the prioritization of the pedestrian. The mixed-use master plan is located near the intersection of the Yangtze and Han Rivers, consisting of office, hotel, retail, and residential programs. The project adds a dramatically rising skyline to Wuhan with iconic, supertall twin-towers at the apex, bridged together at three levels.


Wuhan China


Fosun Property


市政 + 文化, 商业


3,345 m2 / 36,000 ft2

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Project Type:市政 + 文化
Project Location:亚洲