Scout, KPFui’s interactive mapping tool.

The KPF CityBot, a Twitter bot that allows users to mash up cities.

Haystack, coming later this year.

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KPFui Launches New Tools for Public Engagement with Urban Design

KPF Urban Interface has launched a set of interactive, web-based tools to help the public participate in the design and development of their cities and communities. These are the first in a series of tools to make data analysis accessible and fun.

Demonstrated by KPFui’s Luc Wilson at two recent conferences – CityAge Toronto and the MAS Summit for New York City – the KPF CityBot, Scout, and Haystack can be used by city agencies and developers to engage with the public in the very early stages of the planning process. Through these accessible computational urban design tools, KPFui hopes to help create smarter cities with strong foundations of embedded intelligence and informed decision making.

Tweet at the KPF CityBot to mash up cities’ density, buildings, parks and more. The bot will reply with a graphic that represents your inputs, while also measuring metrics such as comfort, energy, and daylighting.

A more robust interactive mapping tool, Scout allows users to explore design schemes and manipulate levels of inputs to achieve desired outcomes. Controls include Grid Type, Greenspace, and Park Attractor Type, among others.

Read more about KPFui’s Smart(er) City methodology here, and stayed tuned for the launch of Haystack and more tools later this year.