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Ceremony Honors MSB Tamachi Grand Opening

On April 27th, KPF proudly celebrated the opening of MSB Tamachi in Tokyo with a ceremony blending traditional and contemporary elements. 

Designed to globally connect the local region, MSB Tamachi intentionally references its local context and culture of the Rinkai region. Serving as the headquarters for Mitsubishi Estate, MSB Tamachi is a 593-feet-tall multi-purpose development comprising over 3 million square feet, and is one of the latest large-scale developments in the Tokyo Bay regionThe tower connects to a train station, creating opportunities for commercial and retail activity. The east and west façades contribute to the flow through “mass” and “frame” with multi-tiered connecting passages of retail mall, waterfront park, elevated deck, and railways. Reveals set within the spandrel panels and horizontal fins create a variety of depth, shadow, and texture that contribute to its sustainable performance.

The “mass” contains widely spaced horizontal sunshades, allowing stunning views towards Tokyo’s cityscape, the bay, and Mount Fuji. The “frame” features vertical piers that envelops the tower mass like a screen, providing a sense of privacy for office spaces. Dominant urban elements of railways and waterways contrast the site’s natural greenery. The convergence of the global and local, natural and manmade intersect to mediate these juxtapositions, creating one harmonious whole. The two towers prominently add to the Tokyo skyline; together, their forms create a distinct image of a gateway. Combining key elements of “mass” and “frame,” MSB Tamachi transforms the Tokyo Bay region into the “south gate” of Tokyo.Looking toward the future from the opening, MSB Tamachi also remembers its heritage. “The project takes inspiration from traditional Japanese elements and incorporates them in a design that is modern yet retains a distinct Japanese identity without resorting to clichés,” stated Principal Ko Makabe, Design Principal for MSB Tamachi. “Harmony with nature is an essential concept in traditional Japanese architecture and is continued in the design of the MSB Tamachi Project.”