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Sungang Logistics Center

Sungang Logistics Center

At the heart of the fast evolving Luohu district, the Sungang Logistics Center is an art and design hub that provides a lively city-within-a-city-experience from its dense and often monolithic surroundings.

Consisting of multiple towers and a retail village at street level, the development is divided into separate neighborhoods. Each area within the Center integrates office, SOHO, and residential programs with retail and public amenities.

The balanced and harmonious composition of the towers creates a memorable presence on the Shenzhen skyline. To create a sense of place in the midst of major highways and railway tracks while contrasting the mega blocks surrounding the project, the site is broken into finely grained building blocks that are interwoven with series of small retail pavilions and varied public spaces. Streets, passages, plazas, and elevated pedestrian create a vibrant pedestrian flow.

Each pavilion is crafted with a rich palette of materials including beige limestone, bronze frames, and bronze fins. They are also injected with the occasional jewel box-like glass volumes at important nodes within the project. The façade of the Logistic Towers is duo-toned, incorporating the warm-toned elements derived from the retail pavilions. This creates multiple readings of shade and color from different viewing angles.


Shenzhen, China


Shenzhen Centralcon Real Estate Co., Ltd.


市民、文化, Education, ホスピタリティー, 複合施設, オフィス, 住宅, 商業, Public Realm


391,000 m2 / 4,208,684 ft2
2780 Overall Aerial Rendering
2780 Halfpage2 Tmrw Se 02
2780 Halfpage1
2780 Smei Aerial View Resized

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Project Type:複合施設
Project Location:アジア太平洋