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Who We Are

KPF est une agence d’architecture focalisée
sur la conception de bâtiments de tous types
et échelles et dans toutes les régions géographiques.

Nos projets comprennent quelques-unes des plus hautes tours du monde et des plus longues portées, et s’articulent autour de programmes variés, et des formes inventives. Notre travail quotidien est motivé par la recherche de la solution la plus adaptée et intelligente pour chaque projet. Nous soutenons que la meilleure conception est le fruit d’une ouverture d'esprit soutenue et affranchie d’idées préconçues ou de formules stylistiques.


Our buildings make contributions to the built environment
that go beyond their physical footprint.

The aspirations that shape our design include optimizing programmatic functions, strengthening the urban context, promoting sustainable environments, advancing the commercial success of development strategies, and creating beautiful buildings that reflect and inspire the communities they serve. We work closely with our clients to balance these forces and to capitalize on the benefits of multidisciplinary thinking.



In order to support these aims, the firm is organized
as a collaborative group of diverse talents.

Our best designs occur when individuals come together, challenging each other to invent new techniques and search for new expressions. Each project is expected to advance the larger practice, while answering to a very particular set of individual parameters. In our studios, passionate young architects work alongside the most experienced hands, blending wisdom with fresh inspiration.


One Firm

The firm consists of over 600 staff led by 30 principals,
with offices in New York, London,
Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Abu Dhabi.

All of the principals convene regularly to ensure the cohesiveness of philosophy and share knowledge about their work. Each principal understands and participates in the global breadth of the practice.


Exchange of staff between offices is a regular practice. Often a single project will avail itself of expertise residing in multiple offices – working together as a single team – in order to derive maximum benefit from the firm's broad base of knowledge.



An important part of our method
is collaborating with clients and
listening effectively to their needs.

The client is often defined as more than a single entity, including owners, users, and public officials. We engage these groups through our comparative method, in which alternative solutions are considered and evaluated. This open-source approach allows for broad discussion and participation.