Jeffrey Shumaker

Jeffrey Shumaker




Master of Architecture, Master of City Planning, Certificate in Urban Design,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Architecture with Honors,
Syracuse University

Jeffrey Shumaker

Jeffrey Shumaker is KPF’s Director of Urban Planning and Design. A recent addition to the KPF team, Jeffrey joins the firm from his role as the Chief Urban Designer for the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP). For almost ten years with DCP, Jeffrey worked to ensure a high level of design quality on projects across the city and helped shape plans for neighborhoods as diverse as Coney Island in Brooklyn, Hudson Yards in Manhattan and Hunters Point South in Queens.

In his position with DCP, Jeffrey worked closely with KPF and the design team to create a planning and design framework for Hudson Yards. Jeffrey’s perspective and expertise contributed greatly to the project’s ultimate design vision, which includes a diverse mix of office, residential, cultural and community spaces that will establish the success of the new neighborhood in achieving an appropriate balance between development and public space. With his input, the site now boasts 50% of space dedicated to the public, including the completion of the final portion of the High Line and the extension of the Hudson Park and Boulevard. Jeffrey collaborated closely with KPF to progress the project through the public approvals process.

In his role as KPF’s Director of Urban Planning and Design, Jeffrey will work closely with KPF Urban Interface (KPFui), which uses data-analytics to inform the design and planning of cities. Jeffrey’s expertise brings a new dimension to KPFui’s data-driven approach along with the capacity to implement socially appropriate, profitable, and sustainable design solutions.

Jeffrey also worked extensively on the implementation of many of the city-wide initiatives coming out of PlaNYC and now OneNYC. Examples include working on the city’s first ever Street Design Manual and partnering with multiple city agencies in creating the groundbreaking Active Design Guidelines and subsequent Active Design: Shaping the Sidewalk Experience. Jeffrey also worked on the implementation of the Mayor’s Housing New York affordable housing plan, including a series of neighborhood studies located across the city’s five boroughs and zoning changes to promote the production of higher quality mixed-income housing.

Prior to his role in public service, Jeffrey garnered more than 12 years of experience working in the private sector for a variety of architecture and planning firms including Skidmore Owings and Merrill in New York, Goody Clancy in Boston, Wallace Roberts and Todd in Philadelphia and his own practice, which he founded in 2002. Jeffrey holds dual Master’s Degrees in Architecture, Planning and Urban Design from MIT and a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Syracuse University. Jeffrey often lectures on design and has received numerous awards for his work from the APA and AIA including the 2016 Public Architect Award from the AIA New York Chapter and DCP’s Michael Weil Award, recognizing excellence in urban design in the public realm.