Telecom Headquarters

Buenos Aires, Argentina Benito Roggio e Hijos S.A. in association with I.R.S.A. Corporate 320,000 ft2 / 30,000 m2

This new headquarters for Telecom, one of Argentina’s two major phone companies, is located in the area of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. The building has thirteen office floors in addition to the ground floor, and a basement accommodating parking for 225 cars and service areas. The project’s volumetric expression is composed of two interlocking volumes with their long sides oriented towards the north and south and their narrow edges towards the east and west. This scheme allows for uninterrupted vistas and emphasizes the vertical elements of the design.

The higher volume faces north, addressing the sights of the city’s north end. The shorter volume faces south towards Puerto Madero. Although the floor plate appears rectangular, two gentle curves grace the taller volume further reducing the impact of the building in its unique location within the city’s urban texture.

This north volume is covered in blue reflective glass and has a vertical expression in it exterior façade treatment. The south volume acts as a mirror to the immediate context of the red brick warehouses and the docks. It is dressed in silver reflective glass that is articulated with a horizontal façade treatment. The difference in color and texture between the two masses further reduces the size of the building.

The main lobby, a double height space, serves as transition between the exterior and the interior space. The lobby materials: concrete, stone, wood, and glass are used to create a contrast in a harmonious way, serving to integrate the building with the character of the area of Puerto Madero.

Image 1 / 5 | © Gustavo Sosa Pinilla