Posteel Tower

Seoul, Korea POSCO POSCO E&C, Associate Architect Corporate 477,000 ft2 / 44,000 m2 Seoul Metropolitan City Government Love of Seoul Prize (2004); Architectural Society of Korea Architectural Culture Grand Prize, Special Mention (2004)

The Posteel Headquarters Tower is situated on Teheran-Ro, a principal financial street in the south section of the city. The client, Posteel, manufactures steel plates, so the design interprets the tower as an icon to their product. The scheme is composed of various plate-like surfaces, sculpted to enclose the programmatic and public spaces.

The folds in the fenestration of the building reference an assemblage of metal plates. The varied triangular metallic plates undulate in a dynamic composition that rises to a height of 25 storeys. The four façades are distinct responses to four diverse site conditions. The north façade along Teheran-Ro reinforces the frontality of the street wall, but also leads the eye to the entry corner where the massing of the building is most dynamic. At the eastern façade, the diagonal bracing is visible, reinforcing the parti.

The stone wall that rings the site offers a more diverse palette to the composition and provides visual weight to anchor the dynamic forms of the building’s massing. The public spaces at the base of the tower are clearly expressed from the exterior and are easily accessible. The lobby, exhibition space and auditorium are connected through a series of escalators and activate the building at street level.

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