KPMG European Headquarters

Canary Wharf DS-3 West

Canary Wharf, London, UK Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd. Adamson Associates, Associate Architect; Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, Interior Design Corporate 604,000 ft2/56,000 m2 Excellent British Council for Offices National Urban Workplace Award (2011)

The KPMG European Headquarters is designed to be open and transparent—reflecting the ethos that defines the company. In order to express this value architecturally, KPF’s design makes the activities of the building visible to both its internal and external audiences through the use of stacked and “pocket” atria.

The public spaces of the building are connected to the surrounding environment and to one another, fostering a sense of connectivity to the external community while also contributing to the sense of community within KPMG.

The building is conceived of as increments of horizontal units – the entire building and large atrium, the packages of 3 story atria and individual floors. Each of the units is grouped so that it can both function independently and in concert with complementary programs adjacent it.

The west and north sides of the building house non-hierarchical office spaces, while the southern portion of the building opens out to its surroundings. At the southwest corner, a stack of 3-story atria brings the green space of Canada Square up into the building. The 3-story pocket atria are grouped programmatically, encouraging synergy between the 3 floors. Each pocket atrium overlooks the courtyard, the 14-story atrium and the lobby. The activity of the entire stack of atria is readable from interior and exterior of the building, transforming into a column of light when illuminated. Towards the top of the stack of atria is an inset “window” overlooking the park that serves as a space for client dining or special events. To the east of the building is a courtyard with vine covered, sculptural stainless steel “trees”.

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