Nagoya Station North Tower

Nagoya, Japan Japan Railways Tokai Mixed-Use 2,700,000 ft2/ 250,800 m2

The Nagoya Station North Tower is a continuation of the vertical mixed-use program of the original JR Central Towers. The new project creates a new gateway to the station, extends the 15th floor sky street, and adds a third tower for additional hotel and office capacity. The design seeks to accentuate the character of the existing building while updating the architectural language to further evoke lightness, efficiency, and clarity of use.

In order to enhance the landmark status of the original work, it is essential that the prominence of the gateway between the existing towers be maintained. With this in mind, the new tower uses a rectilinear geometry to complement the distinctive curved surfaces of the original two towers.

The extended podium helps strengthen the large public space in front of the station with street-level galleria connecting to below-grade spaces. A glass shuttle elevator core connects the street with a continuation of the original two-story 15th-floor Sky Street and an exterior Sky Deck floating above the city.

The contrast between the towers and their shared base also reflects the desire to integrate the building into the urban context. Evoking parallel stretches of railway, the horizontal articulation of the podium provides a link to the low, surrounding structures. The uninterrupted vertical expression of the towers combined with the siting of the complex forms a monumental gateway into the city.

Japan Rail’s Nagoya Station is a multimodal transit hub that houses two national railway lines, and the Tokaido Shinkansen, the high-speed bullet train to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. JR Central Station also houses two private railway lines, four subway lines (including a direct link to Nagoya’s new International Airport), and both JR buses and Nagoya’s city bus lines. The station remained in operation throughout the construction process of JR Central Towers that began in 1989 and was completed in 2000.

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