Sewoon - District 5 Development

Seoul, Korea DaeSung Industry + Korea Dev. Bank + Ko-a Sigma SIAPLAN Architects and Planners, Associate Architect Master Plan, Mixed-Use, Office, Residential 3.5 million ft2 / 324,000 m2

The design for Sewoon - District 5 Development strikes a balance between the heritage of the historical Korean palace and the vitality of dense high-rise Seoul. The result is a modern day “urban palace” that combines the energy of densely concentrated buildings with the tranquility of space that offers shelter, containment, and spatial harmony.

Office and residential buildings reinforce street wall and park edge, while strategically placed openings connect the project’s an inner courtyard space to its surroundings. Thus, the block becomes a permeable structure, connecting side-to-side and corner-to-corner. The most important of these connections forms a diagonal axis linking the Euljiro subway corner with the Park/Chungaechun intersection. Pedestrians are encouraged to flow from the urban traffic node to the heart of the green zone of the master plan.

In the master plan, buildings are configured as rectangular tubes and cubes. Different uses are given a similar architectural language, and are knit together into a three-dimensional urban fabric. Public space spreads from the ground plane down to the sub-grade, and up to through the podium to the rest of the building. Bridges, sky atria, podium terraces, and other raised green spaces turn living spaces into “garden apartments” and transform the larger project into a vertical city.

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