Glasgow Harbour Master Plan

Glasgow, Scotland, UK Glasgow Harbour Ltd. Master Plan, Residential 3,513,000 ft2 / 326,400 m2

The masterplan establishes a new vision for this partially derelict site by revitalising the river front to create a commercially sustainable mixed-used development that will become a major new precinct within the City of Glasgow.

The masterplan describes a framework of guidelines for new construction, identifying areas for public activities and spaces, suggesting environmentally sensitive methods for development, outlining required infrastructure improvements and promoting improvements to public transportation and private traffic to and from the area. The aim was to promote innovation in architectural design and urban planning, reflecting the present day concerns for a social and environmentally responsible built environment, and an improved standard for living, working and leisure activities within Glasgow’s West End.

• extending the urban grain of the West End across the Clydeside Expressway and Kelvin River

• removing barriers such as the redundant railway embankment

• providing a new bridge from Partick Station into the heart of Glasgow Harbour

• introducing new riverwalks along the banks of the Clyde and Kelvin rivers and

• providing new road and pedestrian bridges across the Kelvin river.

The masterplan provides a major new linear park, a series of smaller green spaces, a river walkway, ecology zones, new transport connections, and a high density, mixed use development that includes 2,500 residential units, offices, retail, hotels and leisure facilities.

The area is permeated by new pedestrian and cycle routes and connected to the city centre by underground and surface railways and a proposed Light Rail Transit link. The new development adopts a scale and form in keeping with the vigorous architectural tradition of Glasgow. The area is seen as a destination for all Glaswegians, who have long had very limited access to the riverside.

A high standard of design is ensured by a series of design competitions for the elements within the masterplan.

Glasgow Harbour has enhanced the profile of Glasgow and Scotland as a whole.

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