Kuwait City, Kuwait United Real Estate Company Mixed-Use, Office 1 million ft2 / 80,000 m2

The United Towers project transforms its site into a dynamic and important place within the city of Kuwait. The form and massing of the design draws its references from the sea and the sand, two historically important elements in the environment of Kuwait.

The project creates two buildings, a higher one for offices and a mid-rise one for residential. The high building has an orientation that maximizes its presence on the skyline. The forms are dynamic, simple and elegant.

The buildings are joined to a podium containing public spaces, retail and restaurants. The podium is accessed directly from a new parking structure. The parking structure is conceived as an important visual element of the complex. It is covered with a lightweight fabric roof to protect users from the environment and to provide a unique structure within the city townscape.

Between the new structures and the existing buildings on the site is an open public space which is a lively and active focal point for the entire complex and which provides a new access way into the existing building. This space, which is covered with a lightweight fabric roof, forms part of the overall landscaping of the block.

The office space is arranged over 50 floors and is designed with a central core for efficiency and ease of construction. The space is flexible and can easily be sub-divided in to multiple tenancies. Atria are placed within the space to mark special points in the building and to provide a unique office environment. The building will be a landmark on the skyline of the city. The residential building is conceived of as a side core tower to maximize views for the living spaces and minimize solar gain. Each residential floor is designed to provide flexibility in terms of the type and number of units accommodated. The building is directly linked to a health club on the podium and to parking and retail spaces below.

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