Park City Master Plan

Moscow, Russia Park City Investment Master Plan, Mixed-Use 150,000 m2 - Phase 1

The large, fifteen hectare site is located just outside the old inner city of Moscow. The site is on the south bank of the Moskva River, adjacent to the prominent Kutuzovsky Prospect. An old brewery and a pencil factory are currently located on the site. These two industries occupy a series of old buildings many of which are in a very poor state of disrepair. As part of the new masterplan, some of the historical brewery buildings are to be refurbished and used for retail and leisure facilities: exhibition space, spas, hotels and restaurants.

The design of the masterplan is based on a mixed-use development, with the majority of residential buildings comprising approximately 1,800 apartments and an additional group of buildings designated for office and retail facilities. The masterplan has been divided into plots and will span eight phases of development by different architects. KPF will be responsible for supervising the implementation of the overall masterplan and is currently developing Phase 1 (approx. 155,000m2), which includes seven office and residential buildings of varying sizes and heights. Car parking is also provided in this phase.

The twenty-three residential buildings have been divided into two groups: a line of high-rise towers along the riverfront and lower block buildings surrounding a tree-lined boulevard. The riverside buildings have larger apartment units (125 - 160m²) offering views to the river, the Kremlin and the iconic Hotel Ukraina (one of the famous ‘Seven Sister’ buildings from the Stalin era). The ‘European Style’ boulevard buildings behind will have apartments of varying sizes (60 - 110 m²) with retail and amenities at ground level.

The western part of the site includes a commercial scheme with three large-scale office buildings including a 33-storey tower.

The masterplan also includes a large promenade ‘pier’ that protrudes over the embankment, forming a diagonal axis through the site. This axis is aligned with the front façades of the historic brewery buildings, creating a public space with access to the river. The scheme has many green landscaped spaces throughout - both for public and residents’ private use.

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