Chongqing International Trade and Commerce Center

Chongqing, China Shui On Land P&T International, Associate Architect Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Supertall 8 million ft2 / 651,065 m2 456 meters Gold (Goal)

As a centerpiece of the 3.6 million-square-meter Chongqing Tian Di Master Plan, a major redevelopment of a downtown core area, the Chongqing International Trade and Commerce Center will provide a synergy of uses, including office, residential, retail and entertainment to bring energy, activity and value to the site. Inspired by the sailing ships that once plied the waters of the surrounding Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, the Chongqing International Trade and Commerce Center’s lightness and graceful form is expressed both in the simple form of the Chongqing Super Tower, the tallest tower on site, and in the adjacent low-rise towers and retail podium.

The architectural language used to realize the Chongqing Super Tower will acknowledge the city’s ancient cultural, social, and economic origins; the central and local government’s visionary “314” Overall Plan; and Chongqing’s geographic location. The sail design brings to life the commercial junk ships that long plied the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, Chongqing’s primary routes to the outside world. The main tower’s two overlapping sail forms generate an oval in plan. The sail form is also evident in the wavelike design of the podium roof. The exterior wall design aims to instill a sense of movement and lightness, consisting of glass that envelops the curving form of the towers and sloping inwards as they rise adding to the organic feel of the structures. This form also helps to minimize light contamination, as the light hitting the exterior surfaces will be dispersed rather than concentrated.

The Super Tower’s façade pattern is designed to evoke Chongqing’s image as the city of “double happiness.” This allusion seamlessly unites the architectural ambition of the urban renewal project with the city’s plans to incorporate the happiness of its past into the limitless potential of its future. The “double happiness” theme expressed in all three tower façades harmonizes with Chongqing’s twenty-first-century aspirations.

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