Chongqing Financial Street

Chongqing, China Chongqing Financial Street Real Estate Co., Ltd Master Plan, Mixed-Use 7.3 million ft2 / 618,000 m2

The project will occupy an entire street at Jie Fang Bei 51 Road, part of the Jie Fang Bei District. The scheme consists of seven skyscrapers laid along a central boulevard and separated by green spaces. The buildings are connected by a pedestrian bridge network and they feature an underground service tunnel.

The buildings slice through the existing cluster and range in heights from 180 meters to 350 meters, to the 400-meter spire of the tallest. Once complete it will provide 900,000 square meters of usable space.

Using the tried and tested squared looked, all of the towers are tied together visually rather than having seven uniquely looking towers that would give the impression of seven stand-alone projects. All are fully glazed with glass curtain walls and could be at home on any skyline around the world. The towers are placed a way that draws the eye upwards to the tallest tower and then down through the smaller towers and back up again in a semi circular pattern.

A mixed-use project, the total space is allocated so as to have 130,000 square meters of hotel space. This will include boutique hotels as well luxury hotel serviced apartments, 170,000 square meters of commercial space and 600,000 square meters of office space.

Already located at the financial heart of the city, it is the developers hope for the project to become the ‘Wall Street’ of China’s western region. This however is not the only aim. By building shopping spaces, apartments, offices all with fantastic amenities, it is hoped the buildings can also become a social hot spot in the district. To this end, the project will feature green spaces and gravel walkways at street level, providing oases of tranquility throughout the street.

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