Songdo Central Park

Songdo IBD, Incheon, Korea NSIC (Gale International and POSCO E&C JV) Yooshin, Associate Architect; Arup, Canal Engineering; Dae-Il, Park Engineering; Ung-Do, Park Engineering; U.P. Hedrick, III, Horticultural Consultant Culture + Entertainment 100 acres / 40 hectares

As part of the large-scale master plan for Songdo International Business District (IBD), KPF led the design of the 100-acre Central Park, where mounds and canals are being created to reflect the surrounding natural context. Adjacent to the West Sea on the coast of Korea near Seoul, Songdo Central Park serves to connect to various civic and cultural destinations and the waterfront via a series of man-made seawater canals accessed by water taxi. The combination of these natural and manmade elements makes this park the cultural and recreational heart of Songdo IBD.

Within the park, a series of pedestrian bridges have been designed over the canal system, serving as focal points within the landscape and making for unique destination points. Throughout history, the bow bridge has been a popular structural form employed in Asian gardens, and footbridges are a common site in most Korean parks and gardens. Deriving their form from the Songdo ConvensiA Convention Center (also designed by KPF), the pedestrian bridges in Central Park reflect an undulating, sweeping arc shape and exist as a family of structures with readily identifiable pieces arranged in different combinations when taken all together.

The park also has heavily wooded area which extends out to the Residential neighborhood and into the Private Schools. This 25 meter mound provides an opportunity for people to walk up and observe Songdo IBD from a higher natural setting. The value of Central Park will be even greater once the Government Center, Museum and Aquarium are built. The Museum and Aquarium are on axis with the Private Schools in Residential zone, providing easy access to these components for both the students and the residents.

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