40 West 57th Street

New York, NY, USA Lefrak Organization Repositioning + Transformation 893,000 ft2 / 83,000 m2

The renovation and redesign of the former Squibb building involved completely rebuilding the two tower podiums, renovation of a covered pedestrian arcade, reconfiguration of the main lobby, and upgrades to vertical transportation and security systems.

The through-block covered pedestrian arcade is defined by thin, satin finish stainless steel columns with soft gray granite paving, a new metal ceiling with improved lighting, and stainless steel with glass-inset retail storefronts. The redesigned lobby parallels the pedestrian arcade and makes use of materials that complement the existing Italian travertine, which was refurbished to achieve its original luster. The lobby floor incorporates the light granite from the arcade with accents of black absolute and academy black granite.

The ceiling is designed as a series of planar elements that mediate between the exterior and interior: metal, polished white plaster, and cherry wood. The primary plane of white plaster and its repetitive grid of sparkling, square halogen down-lights hover above both the lobby and the adjacent arcade. In the elevator lobby, a secondary plane of cherry wood floats from the main lobby into the elevator lobby and down the end wall, creating a more intimate space of repose.

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