1515 Broadway

New York, NY, USA SL Green Interiors, Repositioning + Transformation 1.5 million ft2 / 140,000 m2

The complete renovation of the main office lobby at 1515 Broadway transformed the entry of the original 1970’s building. Existing flooring is replaced with new Pietra Bedonia stone paving, and the walls are clad with stone and custom bamboo panels. The same bamboo is used to clad the two glass-topped security desks at each end of the lobby. Existing escalators are given new stainless steel panels, and the main stair is rebuilt with new 7” thick Pietra Bedonia stone slabs, which are accented with custom stainless steel railings and fittings.

Elevator Lobbies are retrofitted with the new stone finishes and a custom bamboo ceiling system. The main design focus is at each entry to the lobby off of Times Square, where ninety-six foot-long feature walls are erected from 3 inch thick custom cast-glass panels. The Brooklyn-based artist Chris Cosma carved the molds for these walls, which were cast in ultra-clear glass by Schott North America, a world leader in scientific-grade optical glass products. The clarity of these walls provides a visual counterpoint to the adjacent disarray of Times Square.

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