Paris, France Hines France Saubot-Rouit, Architect-of-Record Office, Repositioning + Transformation 295,000 ft2 / 27,000 m2

The design for Tour CB 16 expanded the total floor area in the building to maximize constrained site proportions and accommodate a diverse office and retail program in Paris’ growing La Défense District. Originally constructed in 1971, the scope of work involved upgrading and reconfiguring the building’s original structural and mechanical elements, outdated and incapable of meeting modern financial services tenant requirements.

Positioned adjacent to a busy thoroughfare, the gently curving façade creates a natural swooping gesture into the heart of the busy financial district outside. From the program brief, a two-part tower massing emerged, with the design evolving into a series of more elongated and elegant proportions. In contrast to the mass of the original pre-cast structure, the detailing of new curtain wall reflects a delicate sensibility.

By pushing the curtainwall out, floorplate size was substantially increased. The glass and aluminum exterior allows for maximum daylight penetration deep into central interior spaces along the building’s core. Expanding the floorplates out facilitated installing a state-of-the-art mechanical system. The top of the building culminates in an illuminated crown, with a sculptural mechanical enclosure seen through the uppermost translucent glass panels.

A reconfiguration of the lobby takes advantage of natural daylighting and turns unwanted mezzanine space into a public-scaled stair to access a restaurant and the floors below. Lobby materials include limestone, wood, and a blind system of stainless steel and glass.

Image 1 / 7 | © H.G. Esch