Cairo Private Residences

Cairo, Egypt Confidential Residential 54,000 ft2/ 5,000 m2

The residences are four individual, semi-connected houses that combine to form a cohesive campus on an elevated five acre plot. The houses overlook a large expanse of landscaped green to the west and the city of Cairo to the east.

Through careful manipulation of site topography and plantings, deliberate sequencing of spatial events and careful selection of material palettes, the architecture aims to effectively blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor. This design imperative was a central part of the client brief, and required us to addresses a unique set of challenges presented by site constraints as well as the semi-arid climate of the region.

Massive stone walls run uni-directionally in a series along the site. These walls are the primary tectonic device in the project, slicing through both landscape and buildings.

Interior spaces slip alongside the stone wall which in turn organizes those spaces by functional grouping. Along with generous expanses of shaded glass fa├žade these walls create a connection to the outside that is both implicit and physical

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