Furman Hall

NYU Law School

New York, NY, USA New York University Anthony Blackett, Educational Programmer Education 175,000 ft2 / 16,000 m2

This project consists of a master plan and new building for NYU’s School of Law. Within the master planning process, the existing buildings were evaluated, a program of space requirements for an expanded curriculum was identified, and departments were reorganized for greater synergy within the overall Law School campus.

The new building is a nine-story mixed use facility whose lower floors are dedicated to academic and student space, whose middle floors house academic administration and Law Clinics, and whose upper floors provide Law School faculty apartments. The top floor of the building are split between faculty apartments and a large Colloquium Room. The classroom and social spaces in the lower portion of the building complement those in the existing academic building, Vanderbilt Hall, and are connected physically to them at the renovated Library under Sullivan Street.

In order to cultivate an ‘around the clock’ atmosphere on campus, much of the academic portion of the new building is devoted to continually available student spaces including a double height Forum which connects the two main classroom floors and faces Vanderbilt Hall, six group study rooms for small informal student meetings, and a Café and Study Lounge on the ground floor. The Law School worked with significant community input to develop a concept for the new building that would respect the concerns of the broader Greenwich Village community.

To maintain the scale and texture of an important historic context, the new building incorporates the reconstruction of two historic facades into its own: that of the Judson House, renovated by McKim Mead and White in 1899 just south of the church, and that of a typical row house from the 1830s located on West 3rd Street and noted for its occupation by Edgar Allan Poe during the early 1840s.

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