U.S. Courthouse, Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN, USA BPT Properties for the General Services Admin. The Alliance, Architect-of-Record Government 440,000 ft2 / 41,000 m2 Gold  Certificate of Recognition for a New Courthouse in Historic District, New York Chapter AIA (1997), Citation in Architecture, General Services Administration (GSA) Design Awards Citation (1996)

This courthouse was a design/build project located on a prominent downtown site adjacent to the Minneapolis City Hall and the existing civic center.

The design represents the courthouse’s different functions in two distinct forms: the courtrooms and judge’s chambers are housed in the tower and a low block houses the administrative offices. This horizontal form serves to reduce the scale of the entire composition, reinforces the street walls on three sides of the site, and contributes to the urban fabric of the city.

A public plaza dignifies and offers an honorific gesture to both the new United States Courthouse and the Minneapolis City Hall. The plaza leads the public into the courthouse and, at the same time, becomes an integral part of the pedestrian circulation paths in Minneapolis.

KPF designed the building in strict conformance to the cost and schedule limitations prescribed by the GSA. The courthouse in Minneapolis has received acclaim for being the least expensive courthouse per square foot commissioned by the GSA.

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