Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Dallas, TX, USA Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Sikes Jennings Kelly & Brewer, Architect-of-Record; John S. Chase, AIA, Associate Architect Government, Interiors 1 million ft2 / 98,000 m2 AIA Houston Chapter Distinguished Architecture Award (1993), Dallas Urban Design Award (1993)

Here KPF attempted to express the dignity and stability of Federal government using the language of Modern architecture. Positioned across the Woodall Expressway, this building looks towards the city of Dallas and specifically its arts district. From this context KPF selected the two dominant but related axes of Pearl Street and the expressway as the basis of the composition.

The building is composed of three dominant parts. The first is made up of the vaults and articulations related to money processing. The second contains public spaces such as dining areas, training facilities and the auditorium. The third comprises office space, including large areas for maximum flexibility and smaller areas for executive functions. This tripartite composition forms the building's vertical section.

The heart of KPF's structure is a courtyard containing a central garden. This garden links all of the functions of the building and connects them into an ensemble, encouraging a sense of community.

Spiraling around the garden are a series of masses which gradually ascend to a tower housing the executive functions.

The building is clad primarily in limestone, similar to that of the adjacent Meyerson Concert Hall. The stone surfaces are countered by glass elements which punctuate the structure, emphasizing important functions.

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