Ventura Towers

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tishman Speyer/ Carmargo Corrêa Group Office 1.9 million ft2 / 172,000 m2

The Ventura Corporate Towers are located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, a city framed by the Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer Mountains that joins sky, sea, lakes and forests. The two 36-storey towers face Gunabara Bay and Sugar Loaf Mountain on one side and the Rio Niterói Bridge on the other. The site is surrounded by the heritage and natural beauty of the “Marvelous City” that has inspired generations of poets and artists.

Rio de Janeiro is also home to stunning architectural monuments, from ancient forts and monasteries to groundbreaking modern buildings. KPF’s Ventura Towers join with their neighbors—the Cathedral, Municipal Theatre, Santo Antônio Convent, Petrobras and the Brazilian Development Bank Headquarters (BNDES), Santos Dumont Airport, Museum of Modern Art, Lapa Viaduct, and Gloria Marina—to enrich the magical “carioca” landscape of which they are a part.

The project consists of mirror image office towers that are designed to be operated separately but to be read as one composition. The towers feature 36 above-ground floors and five basement floors as well as a five-floor parking building with approximately 1,600 parking spaces. They are comprised of primarily two façade systems; a glazed prismatic curtain wall with floor to ceiling glass at the front and rear and a ribbon window system clad with local green Sao Francisco granite on the west and east elevations. The front or South elevation creates a dialogue with the Catedral de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro across the Avenida República do Chile by reflecting its unique conical form in the glazed curtain wall and also echoing its form with a chevron shaped indentation that tapers to the top of the building. The fully glazed front and rear elevations are captured by stone clad brackets of a ribbon glass system on either edges of the mass that run up and over the top of each forming twin helipads. These L-shaped granite plaques are duplicated in the two buildings and meet at the top, reinforcing the concept of two separate towers and one single language.

The floors within are designed to ensure the flexibility in the office layouts. Large areas are designed to be column-free so that they can house offices of different sizes and needs, while the 2.7-meter ceiling height of each floor with floor to ceiling glazing on the front and rear ensures an airy, spacious workplace. In addition, the project’s 14-meter lease span allows for natural lighting in each office space. Convenient restaurants, cafés, bank branches, and other amenities are part of a 2,400-square-meter retail area on the ground floor.

Twin lobbies with nine-meter-tall ceilings articulated with natural local wood and local granite floors are in an elevated position overlooking the busy Avenida República do Chile to the Cathedral beyond. Vehicular drop off occurs at the B1 level and tenants and guests take an escalator up to the main lobby at ground level. A through block galleria takes pedestrians to a retail court between the towers and the parking structure.

In addition to the convenience of the towers’ two heliports, the site is easily accessible on Avenida República do Chile, in the heart of the city’s central region, just one block from the subway, several bus stations and other amenities.

Image 1 / 4 | © Leonardo Finotti