New York, NY, USA National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Corporate, Interiors 219,000 ft2 / 20,000 m2

KPF completed architectural and interior design work for both the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) administrative offices and NASDAQ’s new World Headquarters. The design includes workstations, individual offices, conference facilities, and boardrooms for use by both organizations.

NASDAQ and NASD are separate groups within a larger whole, so their distinct spaces are designed with two separate material palettes. A sense of commonality between the two is achieved by the maintenance of a similar unifying spatial quality. NASD’s space is the warmer of the two, enriched by wood and leather.

NASDAQ’s cooler palette is emphasized with clean lines of glass and stainless steel. NASDAQ also features a new atrium space that emphasizes the openness of its space and a dramatic glass and stainless steel staircase that facilitates communication between floors and departments.

Following successful completion of the project, NASD adopted KPF’s materials and finishes palette design as the new national standard for all future NASD/ NASDAQ offices.

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