KPF’s philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that success is the result of collaboration and dialogue. The KPF creative process stresses an open exchange of ideas both within the firm and more importantly, between the client and the firm, throughout the development of a project.

Through this comparative process, we are able to ensure that the client’s needs and desires are addressed at each turning point in the life of a project. Ideas are not submitted solely for approval or rejection, but rather for discussion with the hopes of spurring additional questions and solutions that will each help craft a more complete structure.

A similar sentiment is central to the manner in which we weave our buildings into the environmental fabric. Each KPF building has its own personality yet all KPF buildings share a never-ending dedication to creating a dialogue with their surroundings.

Informed by the human scale, our buildings aim to make an important contribution to the environment in which they are situated and to provide an uplifting backdrop for daily life.